the monday-meal: 10.17.11

Last week, we took a look at a breakfast recipe that was quick, nutritious and downright tasty. In order to pack in some extra protein calories, if that’s what your meal needs call for, we recommended adding an egg as one way round off the well balanced breakfast. But wouldn’t adding an egg also add precious time to your morning that we’re trying to save with such a simple recipe? Not if you use the Nordic Ware Microwave Egg ‘n Muffin Breakfast pan.

Before we get into another quick and tasty breakfast however, let’s calm some doubts about eggs. In’s Eat and Run series, Dr. John Berardi talks about common misconceptions about cholesterol and eggs.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the flexibility this $5.00, BPA free container can add to your morning. Crack an egg (or two) into this container and within one minute, you have an (important: oil free) cooked egg. And folks, it tastes just fine! Add or subtract some cooking seconds to come away with a “soft” or “hard” yolk. Toss on some salt, pepper, hot sauce, whatever you fancy and eat it out of the container if you’re really on the go. You can also add vegetables and/or (cooked) breakfast meat into the container as well.

And perhaps the most time efficiency producing feature of this method is difference in cleanup time compared to traditional stovetop or baking procedures.

Here’s a j-m favorite:

Egg and Tomato Muffin

2 eggs cracked whole into the Nordic Ware container

Add chopped green pepper (from frozen package for the super time crunched)

Cook the eggs/pepper for 1 min 10 seconds

Toast a whole wheat English Muffin

Add 3 tomato slices and a pinch of salt to the sandwich

Enjoy a large grapefruit and a glass of milk with the sandwich to round out your breakfast

Item Calories Sugars Carbs Fats Protein Cholesterol Sodium Dietary Fiber
2 Large Eggs 140 0 1g 4.5g 6g 215mg 65mg 0
Whole Wheat English Muffins 130 1g 27g 0.5g 6g 0 260mg 3g
Peppers, Sweet, Green 30 3.6g 6.9g 0.3g 1.28g 0 4mg 2.5g
3 Tomato Slices 12 0.53g 1g 0g 0.25g 0 1.25mg 0.25g
Pinch of Salt 0 0 0 0 0 0 285mg 0
Grapefruit (large) 106 23.2g 26.8g 0 2g 0 0mg 3.6g
Skim Milk 80 12g 12g 0 8g 5mg 120mg 0
Totals: 498 41 78 10 30 435 803 10

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