track-session: 10.13.11

A weekly refresh to your workout tunes. New artists, all paces. Each week, the same format will be followed – warm-up…tempo…chief, I’m in the zone…cool-down. Note – not all songs will appeal to all folks, some may even include coarse language.

New artist and tracks, with one throwback. Enjoy!

warm-up – get muscles movin’, wake up the mind, creep the heart rate upwards.

Sun Goes Down feat. The Knocks – Icona Pop  The duo from Stockholm bring the syndrome with synths, beats and pleasant vocals on their recently released Nights Like This EP. While the ladies are more upbeat on the rest of the EP than on this selection, Sun Goes Down has a very nice build-up feel to it makes it a great tune to help lead into the rest of your workout.

tempo – driving beats for a driving pace. Rev up the RPMs and hit cruise control.

Brain of J. – Pearl Jam In honor of their 20 yr anniversary, j-m is giving a nod to p-j. This track’s steady tempo is almost too perfect. It’s like Vedder was cranking out 6:00min/miles when he brained this one up.

chief, i’m in the zone – intervals, hills, racing – whatever the challenge, you’re out-of-your-skull owning it right now.

Plugged In – Bassnectar Remix – Rollz Off his album Divergent Spectrum released a couple of months ago, Bassnectar  toes the line between the original drum-n-bass lines of fellow UK producer, Rollz, and his own synth laden dubstep style  in this track. If you were off pace in your efforts for your hard workout, this one will snap you back into it.

cool-down – deep breath, flush it out, almost time to feast.

Florescence – Welder In his debut album under the new moniker, Welder, Brendan Angelides (aka Eskmo) trades in some of his more atmospheric electronic tendencies for more organically produced landscapes – perfect for cooling down! What he does not deviate from however is his pension for off-kilter beats while keeping an stable overall sound. Sad to see him move from San Francisco to LA last month…!

As always, if you think YOUR tracks would get the bodies movin’, e-mail and tell us just what new tunes are keeping your workouts fresh

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