Race Schedule + Results

2017 Race Date Distance Result Note
70.3 Oceanside 4/1/2017 Long Course 4:38:49 Debilitating cramps. 82nd OA.
70.3 Santa Rosa 5/13/2017 Long Course  DNF  Mechanical
70.3 Chattanooga 5/21/2017 Long course  3:57:02*  *shortened swim. 3rd Amateur
San Clemente Ocean Festival 7/16/2017 Swim races  Biathlon, mile, run/swim/run, relay  Highlight – 1st in biathlon, 1k/5k in 30:45
70.3 Ohio 7/30/2016 Long Course  4:06:08  1st OA
 70.3 Worlds  9/10/2017  Long Course
2016 Races Date Distance Result Note
HITS Napa 4/10/2016 Oly. 3rd OA 10 sec off 2nd place, strongest bike/run in race
70.3 St. George 5/7/2016 Long Course DNF First ever DNF, 39 and raining, froze on bike at mile 49
Vineman Monte Rio 5/22/2016 Oly. DNS After scheduling/focusing on Raleigh, I opted to scratch this
70.3 Raleigh 6/5/2016 Long Course 4:25:41 1st AG, 5th Amateur, 26th OA
70.3 Vineman 7/10/2016 Long Course  4:12:35  1st AG, 2nd Amateur, 17th OA
70.3 Ohio 8/21/2016 Long Course  4:12:53  1st OA
70.3 Santa Cruz 9/11/2016 Long Course  4:18:36  2nd AG, 3rd Amateur, 26th OA

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