Mike Likes


Team Every Man Jack Every Man Jack is a line of natural men’s grooming products available at places like Target, Whole Foods, Walgreens, online and more. The team has grown from San Francisco upstart to a national roster of the fastest amateur athletes in the sport of triathlon. The beautiful thing is that the caliber of men on this team matches the speed on the race course – world class. Check out our site for more info about the team and our amazing sponsors!


Felt Bicycles – Felt has sponsored Team EMJ in 2015 and this season I will be riding the Felt IA. Just click that link and look at that bike – it’s so fast it barely stays on the page! And the folks at Sports Basement will have me geared up on Di2 shifting!


ENVE Wheels – ENVE is the wheel sponsor for Team EMJ this year and I’ll be riding a slick set of 8.9 Tubulars during races. Wicked fast.





Louis Garneau – Team EMJ cycling, racing kits, helmets and basically anything else worn on the bike are by LG. I’m so impressed with the comfort and functionality of this stuff, and the race helmet and skinsuit are super fast!

Lululemon and Boco Gear provides training and podium gear. It’s 100% comfy and 0% dorky looking!

Sockguy – Sock game, it’s a thing. And EMJ’s is on point with Sockguy blacks or whites to go with whichever kit we’re wearing.



purplepatch fitness – Team EMJ trains week in and week out to the tune of Matt Dixon and the folks at purplepatch. I’ve grown immensely as an athlete since being under the tutelage of PPF.

NormaTec – These boots will help me recover from hard workouts so I can hit the next one with purpose. There is absolutely no question about that.


GU Energy

GU Energy Labs – GU has stood by me for three years and as an Ambassador, I’m excited to embark on my fourth GU-fueled year. As the main energy sponsor of Team Every Man Jack, it’s gonna be a GUd year…! (sad trombone)

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