track-session: 10.06.11

A weekly refresh to your workout tunes. New artists, all paces. Each week, the same format will be followed – warm-up…tempo…chief, I’m in the zone…cool-down. Note – not all songs will appeal to all folks, some may even include coarse language.

For the first track-session, we’ll get things moving with some some j-m workout favorites. They may not be the newest songs or the most popular, but damn if they don’t fit the workout just perfectly. Rock on, folks.

warm-up – get muscles movin’, wake up the mind, creep the heart rate upwards.

Why I Love You – Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mr. Hudson Off the much hyped new album, Watch the Throne, the self (and oft critically) proclaimed kings of hip-hop team up for an album full of serious beats and self-touting rhymes. This one will get your body started. Cue the slow head-bob.

tempo – driving beats for a driving pace. Rev up the RPMs and hit cruise control.

The Pulse – Holy F*ck This rosily-named group hails from Toronto and uses a blend of standard and unorthodox (35mm film synchronizer?) instruments to produce energetic, organically produced electronic music. The title of this 2007 track says it all – perhaps the greatest driving beat of all time.

chief, i’m in the zone – intervals, hills, racing – whatever the challenge, you’re out-of-your-skull owning it right now.

Ruffneck Bass – Skrillex  The now incredibly famous LA-based DJ, Skrillex, successfully melded the face melting qualities of the most intricate electro styles and the chest bellowing bass lines of the less refined dubstep production trends. His music also serves as PEDs. For anyone who listens to him while they train, you will test positive for doping. Sorry folks, this unreleased track was not on Spotify.

cool-down – deep breath, flush it out, almost time to feast.

Worried – The Pack A.D. These Vancouver girls put the cool in cool-down as you’d never guess anyone was worried in this mellowed out, simple jam. If you like The White Stripes or Black Keys (arguably dissimilar, but that’s for another blog), you’ll love the grit this she-duo brings to the table.

As always, if you think YOUR tracks would get the bodies movin’, e-mail and tell us just what new tunes are keeping your workouts fresh

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