Views From the (201)6: Looking Back Before I Look Ahead



Cliff diving might take as much guts as racing Kona

Friends, family, generous patronizers! It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in. A lot has happened. And unlike this time last year, most of it includes rainbows and awesomeness instead of bike crashes and sadness.

I’ve put together a timeline below; a “greatest hits” of sorts highlighting all the cool things that have gone down since Silverman 70.3. And as we’re five days until my first big race of the year at Ironman 70.3 St. George, it all culminates to my thoughts on where things are at today. Read on!


One day after ending my season in Las Vegas, I packed up my bike for a week in Kona, Hawaii at the Team Every Man Jack house. While most guys were there to race the Ironman World Championship, a small, but crucial group of us were there to support the guys, spend time with sponsors and test all of the booze on the island. Good news: booze was just fine and we had a lot of fun while the dudes crushed.

Strava: Kona Underpants Run | Hill Climbing and Cliff Diving (each w/ pics!)

Instagram: Team dinner & epic Kona sunset | Wheels for the week: Felt F3 (non-insta) | Thank God I’m Not Racing party with the crew (non-insta)


Lots of fun, very little triathlon. Just the way November should be. I celebrated my brother from another mother, Randolph’s bachelor party in New Orleans and hosted my family for Thanksgiving – the first time we’ve all been in SF together!

Strava: NOLA Detox | Turkey Trot 5K Win, ‘cuz Nick said I couldn’t come to Turkey dinner otherwise |

Instagram: Beautiful street music on Nola run | The boys | Family 5KFamily Hike |


There was definitely a big race in December – Dani did her first marathon (!) and finished like a boss. Of course it was all smiles and donuts at the end. Otherwise December was quality, needed family/friends time in Ohio, as Christmas and Nick/Jess’ New Years wedding brought the festive cheer in spades.

Strava: Run cheering Dani  | Pre-wedding dance warm up |

Instagram: Dani and a Donut at CIM Finish (non-insta) | Christmas ride w/ Mom |


The dopest three days you can spend on a bike, The Coast Ride. San Francisco to Santa Barbara, 375 miles, Saturday to Sunday, with 300 of your closest friends. And this year, El Niño was ready for us, making the whole thing a slog – one that The Kaiser and I relished.

Strava: Day 1: SF>Monterey | Day 2: Morro Bay via Big Sur | Day 3: SB or Bust |

Instagram: This face, for 3 days


This year’s Team Every Man Jack camp took place in what I consider to be one of the most underrated endurance training grounds, Las Vegas. Four days of solid work in the desert to spark plug the season, sure – but with a team like this, you can be sure there was plenty of tomfoolery and face stuffing with copious amounts of food (thanks, Donna!).

Strava: Training log for wk Feb 22: Sick, better, team camp

Instagram: COPS: Team EMJ EditionLulu session, butts in the air |


Team Every Man Jack was on the cover of Triathlete Magazine! You may have seen one or two posts on social… But it was a really fun photo shoot and very cool to be a part of it. Cross that one off the list, I guess!

Instagram: Team party for mag release

Twitter: Triathlete Magazine announcing cover


And all the while, I was spending most non-working hours training my face off. The HITS Olympic Triathlon in Napa was a 2016 debut for Team EMJ as we had 15 in the top 20. I biked and ran my way to a 3rd overall, missing teammate Mark Kolding by 10 seconds at the finish line. Very happy with the early season progress!

Strava: HITS Bike Leg | HITS Run Leg |

Instagram: Team doin’ work at HITS | Hanging out with Felt at Sports Basement


Just like that, it’s May and t-minus 5 days until Ironman 70.3 St. George. I’m encouraged with the progress I’ve seen in following purplepatch‘s plan and the key sessions I’ve had with the team and with Meredith. My obsession this year needs to be the bike, per Matt – so I’m going to obsess all over the roads of St. George and see where that gets me. Very happy to be healthy this year – last year I showed up in St. George with a bum wing from a bike wreck and bronchitis. Come Saturday, I’ll be at peace knowing I raced my best.

Strava: Repeats with Mer & Ritch | 1200s…in trainers |

Instagram: I always think of E. Honda from Street Fighter. Old La Honda crushin.

So much stuff! I’ll be checking in with a race recap after St. George and shedding some light on the rest of the year. Thanks to all of Team EMJ’s sponsors, listed below – seriously, this sport is so much easier with your support and it’s a pleasure to train and race with the stuff you guys make.

Peace! -MV

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